See them in action here:

A teaser of some of the things that we've created for your next VR experience. We focus on the EXPERIENCE that your prospects, ensuring that they leave your VR experience with a great impression.

Endless combinations & POSSIBILITIES with Room-Scale VR

Your prospects will be able to walk through this virtual home and customize it until it feels right.

Floor Plan

Floor plans

75% of people struggle to visualize floor plans, so why not let them walk through it instead? Your customers can switch between any floor plan instantly, so they see, feel, and understand the space and square footage.

Colours and Options

Options & Colours

Colours can change the way someone feels about a property. With Beyond Builder, you can change the colour or material of any surface (that you've pre-determined in your palettes) at the click of a button. Eliminate the guess work of what goes well together!



The view can be one of the most important features of any property, especially in a high rise. Your prospects will be able to see the view outside, from the bedroom to the balcony. 



Lighting for a home can drastically change the mood of a home. Show your customers how lighting affects your properties at the different times of day. Showcase your properties in the best light.


For those customers that love playing the interior designer, Beyond Builder will put that power at their fingertips. Your customers can change the furniture itself or even the way it's positioned.

Gamified Interactions

Gamified Interactions

Beyond Builder has an ever growing list of interactions that make your virtual properties as real as possible: from opening fridge doors to even turning on TVs. We gamify these interactions to keep your customers engaged to explore your spaces.

Custom Creations

Community & Amenities

Community & Amenities

Your property's unique selling features may be the building's amenities or the surrounding community. Showcase those through interactive and memorable ways, whether it be a transporting your customers there, or a pop up interface. 

Tailor Made Features

Tailor made features

You're a property developer that has a unique story to tell, and your VR experience should reflect that. Beyond Reality will work with you to build custom features, for an example, a walkthrough your company's history and values.