Be anywhere, anytime - the power of VR

Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but as you've seen featured in our flagship real estate marketing tool, Beyond Builder, there are no limits as to where this technology can go. Over the next 10 years, new innovative VR hardware will be released and another thousand ideas will become reality. Let's take a peek at 5 industries most likely to be revolutionized by virtual reality tech.

5. Travel


Imagine that one moment you're walking leisurely through a vineyard in Tuscany, purple skies stretching out endlessly before you, and the next you're sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with businessmen in a crowded Japanese ramen joint. You could be exploring ancient Greek ruins in the morning and by the evening you could be on a moonlit beach in Thailand. This is power of virtual reality: instantaneous travel. It won't be long before travel and tourism companies start to apply the Google Street View Vacation model to virtual reality app stores and you'll be able to download your next vacation for the price of a coffee.

4. Live Events

Living in rural areas can be frustrating when the closest city your favourite bands and theatrical productions play at are hundreds of miles away. Pop on a virtual reality headset and you're there, watching a livestreamed performance in realistically lifelike quality. Another luxury many big city residents take for granted is conventions. Being able to attend conventions in real time, walking around booths and attending panels, seeing celebrities and industry experts speak and, with a little help from live tweeting tools, being able to ask questions from the other side of the world -- all of these are enormous pain points for rural or distant show-goers and easily solvable thanks to the omnipresent potential of virtual reality.

3. Education


Engagement has long been a challenge for educators to overcome - from dry lectures to sleep-inducing textbook readings - being able to convey information effectively has always been a massive priority for the education industry. Until now, choices were limited to physical media, videos and simple Flash games but with virtual reality, students can embrace lessons like history and biology with unprecedented intimacy. Shaking Abraham Lincoln's hand? Helping Galileo chart the stars? All possible. Forget simulating frog dissections, with virtual reality students will be able to dissect bacteria and other single-celled organisms.

2.  Medicine


There could be some argument that VR could be used to perform surgeries remotely, but technology of that precision is still distant and would be subject to so many bureaucratic medical board approvals that it may never happen. Instead, the power of medical VR lies in the ability to train new medical students in a risk-free fashion, performing high-pressure, high-risk surgeries in a safe simulated environment. Additionally, the ability for specialists to consult with patients in a virtual clinic from across the globe means VR could a huge game-changer in the industry.

1. Real estate

Virtual reality is primed to disrupt the real estate industry. Traditionally, unbuilt properties were recreated with $100,000 diorama models, a binder full of floor plans and a printed list of optional features. With virtual reality, VR companies are able to literally show buyers the product they're prospecting, instead of just asking them to visualize it. Beyond Reality is leading the pack with a growing list of clients and an ever-improving software offering, we're primed to help guide the industry into the 21st century. We take buyers on a memorable journey through our client's properties, showing them every detail and gamifying the experience so properties stay at the forefront of buyers' minds for weeks. 

Imagine a technology that can transport anyone anywhere at any time. Whether it's an event in Toronto or a property in China, virtual reality is helping to make industries work faster, cheaper and more efficiently - but most importantly it's offering users the chance to take in new, powerful experiences previously thought impossible.