Our Experience at AccelerateAB

Hi everyone, Garlon here! It's been a couple weeks since I got back from AccelerateAB Roundtables, but now I've finally found some time to write a blog post about it. All I can say is: What an incredible event! Great ideas emerge when you're in a room with Alberta's top minds in business and entrepreneurship.

At the invite-only AccelerateAB Roundtables session, I was fortunate enough to have three separate sit down sessions, each with three seasoned business executives, advisors, or mentors. At these roundtables, we talked about everything, from new ideas to improvement on current ones. I won't bore you with the details on here, but rest assured that we're looking at each point with a microscope to incorporate them into our strategy or product, so we can go from better, to best.

The conference continued as the excellent speakers talking about a wide range of topics:

  • How to Maintain a Culture of Innovation - With Katie McLean from Google
  • Joining a Silicon Valley Rocketship - With Ruth Kelly from Venture Publishing, Kevin Swan from AppDirect, and Emanuel Bertolin from AppCarousel
  • Alberta’s Innovation Funding Landscape - With Kristina Williams from Alberta Enterprise Corp, Cory Fries from Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Patrick Lor from Dissolve, and Michelle Scarborough from Kensington Capital Partners
  • Building Big in Alberta - With Sam Pillar from Jobber, and Dr. Ray Muzyka from Bioware
  • How to Scale Talent and Manage Rapid Growth - With Bryan de Lottinville from Benevity

Each presentation or discussion was just as interesting as the last and addressed the burning questions that all entrepreneurs face when starting their own business. Here's a link for more details: http://www.accelerateab.com/schedule-1/

Beyond Reality at AccelerateAB

Finally, I was also fortunate enough to give a quick pitch on Beyond Reality's behalf at the conference. Competition was fierce as the fourteen other companies all had excellent pitches too! In the end, we didn't win the pitch competition, but the pitch was actually a great opportunity to get exposure. All in all, I've come back from the conference with numerous contacts to advisors and mentors, gathered new ideas and refined existing one, and established connections with other entrepreneurs as well.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience.