Amazon is developing a new VR shopping app

Spotted by Variety last week, Amazon has recently been hiring for a “Creative Director, Virtual Reality” on a large, cross-functional team that will be "building Amazon’s VR shopping experience for use by millions of customers on a wide variety of VR devices". With Alexa and Amazon Go, looks like Amazon is once again embarking on a mission to redefine the way we live our lives.

Although Amazon already has some footing in the VR world, with it's 'Flow' app and 'Product Preview' offerings, this could be its first major foray into the tech, with speculation including the ability to tour shopping malls and test out products in virtual space.

via Kickstarter

via Kickstarter

New VR headset storage system hits Kickstarter

With its sleek white gloss and classy maple exterior, accessory company VRGE has just released its new VR headset organization product on Kickstarter. The organizer is compatible with most VR headsets, fully charges them and is available for $79 right now on their Kickstarter page.

New HTC Vive base station comes this year


One of the greatest barriers to widespread adoption of VR is simply the staggeringly high price attached to it. In particular, the HTC Vive, a premium headset by industry standards is particularly costly at approximately $800 USD. However, all that might change soon with HTC's new base stations. These new base stations (which track the location of users and controllers in a room) are designed much more efficiently with reduced manufacturing costs, and will hence reduce the price of the Vive by at least 15% as speculated by industry experts.

ZeniMax sues Facebook over "stolen" Oculus code

ZeniMax is suing Facebook over the nature of the development of the Oculus. The core of the Oculus Rift was originally developed by Oculus CTO John Carmack while, Zenimax claims, he was working at ZeniMax. This lawsuit brings to light what constitutes theft in the tech industry in regards to the copyright-ability of code. The results of this case will have lasting consequences for Oculus, VR and innovation in entire tech industry as a whole.

Leslie Benzies (via Wikipedia)

Leslie Benzies (via Wikipedia)

Ex-Rockstar North President may be developing a new VR headset

After being dismissed from Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies, former president of the company, has created several new gaming-related companies and among them: a VR hardware startup. Not many details are known at this time, but if a driving force behind one of the most lucrative game series in the world is taking a dip into the world of VR, we can expect to see some astounding, impactful new developments emerge in the near future.