Matterport uses a smartphone to create a 360-degree image view of an existing property

Matterport uses a smartphone to create a 360-degree image view of an existing property

Beyond Reality is a relatively new contender in the virtual reality real estate space. Because of this, we have to square off with a number of larger companies that already have a significant foothold in the industry.

Matterport is a 3D imaging service that allows any user to capture high quality 360 degree photos of a space using rented equipment, and then have these photos stitched together to form a single continuous image. Using a smartphone, you can "virtually" look around a space to get an in-person impression of the property. Of course, the caveat is that the property has to already have been built, so even then most buyers will still opt to visit the property in person at some point before committing to a purchase instead of solely depending on a 360 viewer.

It's a great way to get an impression of an existing property. But it isn't virtual reality.


Virtual reality is about building experiences, not just impressions. We want users experience and interact with a simulation that is otherwise impossible. You can't take a Matterport tour of an unbuilt condo, and you can't alter your visual experience in Matterport to see what your future kitchen renovation will look like. 360 degree viewing experiences are closer to "visual reality" than virtual reality, because they are only visual experiences (not interactive) and depend 100% on what already exists in reality.

Beyond Reality specializes in making the impossible, possible. We take ideas, plans, blueprints and schematics and make them material. We put you in a photorealistic simulation where you can interact with every nook and cranny of your environment. Want to cook in the kitchen? Go ahead. Want to rearrange the furniture? We've got you. Want to swap out the colour pallet on a dime? Not even an issue. What was once solely dependent on the buyer's imagination can be seen, changed and felt in an instant. What was once a line item in a catalog, or a paint shade on the wall is now a tangible, living element of your future apartment and it sits right before your very eyes. 

Virtual reality is more than just a video tour. It is more than just looking at curvy photos of properties that are already listed. Virtual reality is taking a future floor plan and having it spring up around you. It is an experience to fully immerse yourself in as a buyer, because if you're going to make a life-altering decision by purchasing a property, you should make sure it's one that "feels" right, rather than just "looks" right.

VR is the future of real estate. And we can take you there.