On January 28, 2017, the Canadian Real Estate Association hosted a panel on virtual reality to discuss its present and future impact on the real estate industry as part of their "Young Professional Networks stream".

Tied up with in thrilling and intense business matters, Co-founder Garlon Yau had to step in for Trevor Gibbons as the official Beyond Reality representative.


Accompanied by a representative from Matterport, a 360 degree imaging service, and a number of real estate experts, the panel took to answering some of the audience's most burning questions.

As a key member on this panel, Garlon talked to the young realtors in the audience about how Beyond Reality fits into the real estate landscape and what realtors can do to keep up in a rapidly evolving technology landscape in the real estate industry.

"It was an amazing opportunity to represent 'true VR' as part of the panel," commented Garlon as he was leaving the conference room. "As someone well-versed in VR and the challenges surrounding it, I worked hard on promoting the unlimited potential that fully interactive, room-scale VR holds for the industry. This sparked some lively discussion with the other panelists regarding the definition of VR, and whether there's a place for VR services that go beyond simple 360 degree viewpoint in existing properties."

Issues raised include discussion over whether the industry is ready for VR, if the technology is too limited or premature, the expenses involved, if VR is working for or against realtors, and where the technology could be in 10 years.

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