Building on last week's behind-the-scenes at Beyond Reality, this week we're showcasing some visuals from our upcoming client project, Mission 19. Unlike the mobile VR experience we touted last week, Mission 19 is a palpable room-scale VR experience that utilizes the full potential of the HTC Vive.

Mission 19 is a hot new condo development in the heart of Calgary's trendy Mission district. The project is 3-4 months from launch so there aren't too many details available to the public just yet. Nevertheless, Beyond Reality is preparing to bolster the condo's market entry with a highly stimulating VR experience that will give prospective buyers an unparalleled level of clarity when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

We're currently deep in the midst of development, with designers modelling one and two bedroom units in 3DSmax. We're still discussing the details of the development with the developer as the project is still largely conceptual, so the screenshots from the VR experience below may still change as the project nears it's big reveal. 

So, keep in mind the screenshots below are still preliminary renders, and the experience will evolve as details are confirmed, but this will be a full-on room-scale VR experience set up at the Mission 19 sales centre. Buyers will don HTC Vive headsets as they wander through stunningly beautiful renders of their new homes. Scroll through the slideshow below to see some of our sample renders!