Must see video - new features!

In the last couple months we've been working day in and day out, constantly refining and improving our Beyond Builder Platform from the feedback that we've received, not only from property buyers, but also from real estate professionals. These are things we've been told that the real estate industry wants to see in their next-generation of innovative sales tools.


For example, the "Sales Staff User Interface" that comes standard in our Beyond Builder Platform, is made to put the control back into your sales reps' hands. We believe that they should be equipped with the best tools to help them close deals faster! The "Sales Staff User Interface" allows your sales reps to control the experience, from changing the floor plans, to guiding your prospects from room to room. Your sales staff can now control the narrative and decide how much control they want to give the VR user.


At Beyond Reality, we believe VR walk-throughs aren't just about seeing how real you can get the property to look... It's also about the experience that your VR user will have. A large objective of our VR experience is to trigger that dopamine rush in your audience through some of out features, such as mini games that get the adrenaline going, or interactive household objects that let your audience make a virtual mess (as seen in our video). When your sales staff has the ability to create that positive emotional connection with the potential buyer, that's powerful.

Let us know what you think of some of our new features in the comments section below! And don't forget to click the buttons below if you'd like a quote on an upcoming project that you might have, or just simply want to learn more.