virtual reality real estate

smartphones + VR viewer

Almost everyone has a smartphone. With Beyond Reality's mobile VR offering, you can use your buyer's device to accelerate your property marketing. With a VR viewer, such as a Google cardboard or Samsung Gear, you can send a virtual tour directly to your prospects' phones with a simple VR app custom created for your property.

The perfect Marketing Campaign

Mobile VR campaigns are fast, impactful and deliver tangible results. As the newest trend in real estate marketing, mobile VR is the perfect tool for generating additional leads. Let's talk about how we can make mobile VR work for you.

First, we'd model your future property in 3D and create a custom VR app so customers can download it. The app will showcase scenes of the properties you're trying to sell.

Then, we'd brand the Google Cardboards (or other VR viewers) with your company brand or development name. These are better than your traditional brochures because people won't throw them out. 

Finally, these VR Viewers would be packaged up with instructions on how to download the VR app, and can be given out to prospects at presentation centres, tradeshows, or even have them mailed out to your valued clients

Mobile VR campaigns are a quick and powerful way to get hundreds or thousands of eyes on your unbuilt property before your show suite is even finished. There are a number of advantages in going mobile with VR.

Maximize your outreach

With your app promoted via direct mail and social media marketing campaigns, the audience who'll view your VR experience will be as big as you choose it to be.

Save money

The cost of setting up a VR experience is cheaper than building a show suite, and the price of mobile VR is lower than fully immersive room-scale VR alternative.

send it anywhere

Your custom mobile VR app can be accessed anywhere in the world, opening the door to potential international buyers and prospects  across the country.


Start selling today

Mobile VR apps can be built quickly, allowing you to send your virtual reality tours to prospects around the world before the physical show suite is even close to being complete.

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